‘Fuel your body happy.’ Who knew four simple words could be interpreted in so many different ways?

Food has the power to make us feel euphoric and enhance certain hormones. It has the power to help us run that extra mile or ride that little bit further, but it can also make us feel bloated and sluggish. Food brings people together. Food makes us smile. Food is about making memories. 

Food is the fuel to make our bodies happy, from the inside out. Be that how it makes us feel, who we’re sharing it with or what it helps us achieve.

Sometimes I want a fresh light salad, others I want steak with all the sides. Among good company, I enjoy nothing more than indulging on an overly pretentious cheese board, chasing it down with an on-going flow of great wine. Before a big run, I like carbs, lots of them – preferably pasta – and after, much of the same. Some nights, I like to sit and eat an entire tub of ice cream or demolish a bag of giant chocolate buttons. 

Whatever I choose to eat, I’m fuelling my body in a way that makes me happy. So I decided to write this blog to share my food fuel with you, in the hope that it may make you happy too.


Running. You may have seen this word crop up a fair bit on the website and if you check out the ‘Explore’ tab, you’ll see just how big into running I am. Fitness in general is another thing that makes my body happy but running along muddy trails, up mountains and along ridge lines makes my body and mind happy. 

I am lucky enough to be supported by some great brands, On Running and Tribe, so you’ll probably see them pop up a bit on the blog. I write regular posts about my running adventures, the people I meet and the places I am lucky enough to visit. 

Are you a runner too? Maybe you’re thinking about starting? Drop me a line or follow me on Instagram. One of my favourite things about running is the community and I would love to introduce you to the ones I am a part of.